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Welcome to Blu's Bird Toys ...

In 2002 we started out in a small space we had for the toy parts then quickly out grew it within 4 months. After a while, I was able to move into a larger space, which was wonderful!
For the last several years we've have been specializing in our toys for the decked out Jolly Balls we do. We are also discontinuing many of our toy parts as we are dedicating ourselves more into creating our new toys. We have many shreddable toys that birds can't get enough of!

While we are still relatively small, we strive for great safe toys for our customer's birds! Let us know how you like our site and be sure to rate/review our products!

Most all of our toys are made at time an order is placed, please allow extra time for toys to be made up. We have toys that are time consuming to make. There are very few toys we have made a head of time that are ready to go.  If we have other orders a head of yours then this will also delay your order.  We do orders in the order they are received. If you are anxious to know how long it will be until your order is shipped out then please email us for more info.

Thank you for reading about us!

Jan & Blu

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