Bird Toy Club

Within the U.S.A. Subscriptions:
We are offering subscriptions for our Bird Toy Club. This is a recurring subscription service that you choose monthly, every other month or every 3 months. Leave it up to us to select the toys for your bird(s) for the dollar value amount you choose. Each time you will either get toys that we newly design specifically for your bird and/or of toys you see on the site. Even if you want the same toys sent every time, you can let us know that! You will receive a retail value of toys on the subscription pack you pay for, shipping is within the price.

Outside the U.S.A. Subscriptions:
If you are not within the U.S.A. then you will be billed for actual cost of shipping before your toy box ships out.

For all subscriptions, you will need to use the form link below before or after you subscribe and tell us about your bird's likes and dislikes and the specie of your bird so we can send the proper size toys for your bird(s). We have various dollar amounts to choose from for the duration you want for your Bird Toy Club Subscription.

If you currently do not have an account on our site please create one prior to subscribing to the Bird Toy Club so we can update you with tracking info and keep better track of your subscription(s) we send to you!  Also, having an account set up before subscribing will add the Parrot Reward Points to your account when we send you the invoice from our store.
Read our FAQ's for the Bird Toy Club.
Read our Reviews for the Bird Toy Club.

Use our FORM to give us details on your bird before/after you subscribe.

(once a month)

Bird Toy Club

(every 2 months)

$35.00 Bi-Monthly

$50.00 Bi-Monthly

$75.00 Bi-Monthly

$100.00 Bi-Monthly

(every 3 months)

$35.00 Quarterly

$50.00 Quarterly

$75.00 Quarterly

$100.00 Quarterly