Desert Dream Catcher Info.

Info for Dream Catchers

Here is a bit of info facts about what we offer for our Dream Catchers ...

  • The ring size diameters we have range from 2" to 18".
  • Commonly we will stock: 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18".
    Pictured here is sizes 3", 5", 7" & 9".

  • We can create multiple ring dream catchers which use 2 or 3 rings.

  • We have various beads on hand and will use what we think looks best for what we are making up. A few very small beads can be made into the web but not on all on webs we do that.  There are usually beads on the leather that hangs down on the sides or bottom of the dream catcher and are above where the feathers are placed. Here we shows some various beads we use, some are not pictured.

  • For the web in the center of the dream catcher, we mostly use "imitation sinew' or colored embroidery threads. Here is an example of a dream catcher web made with the sinew and a few colors.

  • The 1/8" wide suede leather lace is wrapped all the way around the hoop/ring and can take quite a bit of yardage on larger rings and the sections that hold the beads and feathers.

  • The feathers we use in our dream catchers can be natural or colored feathers. We use ostrich, emu, chicken, pheasant, peacock and parrot feathers. Most of the feathers we use are in their natural color.  All feathers we use are naturally molted from the bird.

  • We have a few dream catcher kits that we will have put together for those who want to make one on their own, basic instructions are included.