Dream Catchers

Within this category, these items are off limits to your birds!
These items are for the Humans Only!

I am pleased to offer our very own Dream Catchers that I make, I have added a few of them on this page below and you can see more on my main Desert Dream Catchers site, I also offer a few kits to make your own on there. Years ago in the early 1990's, I use to make dream catchers and sold in various places. On some of the ones you see below, if it is made in a color that you don't like or want, just let me know when you checkout with details on the colors you may want. Like the leather lace and/or feathers can be changed. Most of the dream catchers will be made up after the order is placed.

Also, if you have parrot feathers and you want to have us make you a dream catcher using your bird's feathers, then you would need to ship us your feathers, then you would purchase one of the dream catchers you want your feathers on. You can email me for further details if you need more information.

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