Foot Toy - Med/Lg Bird

Foot Toy - Med/Lg Bird

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 -  Price is for 1 Foot Toy -

This is for Medium to Large Bird size foot toys.  We currently sell foot toys that have 4 to 5 styles, we choose the style to send. The foot toys can vary from 3"-5" long and 1" to 3" wide/deep but all vary. The images you see are samples of what we make up for an approximate bird size.  Choose the options for your bird size before adding to cart. If you want a foot toy for various bird sizes then add one size to the cart then come back to add another size.  Please choose suitable size foot toys for how your bird plays ... some birds might like a toy that is smaller or larger than what is intended for their size. Be sure to make note before adding to the cart on your birds play habits or likes/dislikes.

Medium bird sizes could include, Amazons, Greys, Small Cockatoos, Eclectus and any other bird of similar size.
Large Birds such as Macaws, Large Cockatoos.

Some birds like smaller or large items so each is an individual preference.

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