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Jolly Balls

UPDATED NOTE: - The manufacture has discontinued the 14" ball size with the holes. However, for a limited time ... we stock the 10" size ball in blue only. Once we are out of stock, then we will no longer stock Jolly Balls at all. We have the OPTIONAL Stainless Steel Tri-Chain Hardware. Keep in mind that the 10" ball size is not appropriate for medium birds such as African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos and larger birds.

10 Inch Jolly Balls
10 Inch Jolly Balls
We sell only one size of the Jolly Ball.
Sold with or without hardware.
Jolly Ball Hardware
Jolly Ball Hardware
We sell Hardware separately for Jolly Balls
if you already have an existing Jolly Ball!

Blu inside a 10" Jolly Ball!

This image shows the difference in size of 6", 10" and 14".
The actual Jolly Ball is a registered trademark of Jolly Pets®