Parrot Reward Points

Thanks for checking out our Parrot Reward Points, happy you are here!  Loyal customers can reap the rewards for you and your feathered kid(s) when you shop with us! We hope you will use your Parrot Reward Points as we want to help you save! So here are the details about our Parrot Reward Points.

  • When you register an account here on our site, you will earn points when you purchase ANY of our products. The points will be automatically added to your account after you have completed checked out.

  • For every whole dollar you spend, you get 1 point,  under .50ยข it rounds down and over it rounds up to the next whole dollar.  You get 50 points for each whole dollar you spend.

  • You can redeem your accumulated rewards points for a gift certificate code to apply on an order for the dollar amount you redeem.  You can redeem multiple dollar values with your reward points if you have a lot to do so.  To redeem your points for a gift certificate, just go to the link at the top right of our site for "My Account"  then scroll down to the "My Parrot Rewards" section and click on view details or redeem, on that page you will see a few various dollar values for the points that you can redeem if you have enough points. When clicked on then it will send you an email with the gift certificate code. You will apply it into the coupon code box on the view cart page before you go to check out, if you are going to be checking out be sure to redeem your points first so you can apply it to the order.

  • Our products can not be redeemed with the Parrot Reward Points, you can redeem for the rewards gift certificate then purchase items that way. 

  • The Bird Toy Club qualifies for the Parrot Reward Points too! So for instance, a $25. month subscription would earn you 25 points.  You have to have an registered account on this site for that to take place, if you have not registered an account for the club, then we create one when we process your club order, in this case we would add points to your account when you have subscribed and paid through PayPal.

  • Parrot Reward Points hold no cash value as points or after redeemed nor is it transferable.

If you have any difficulty in redeeming your points or have other questions about it, just send us an email and let us know!

Thank you for shopping with us at Blu's Bird Toys!