Skewer Refill Toy #01
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Skewer Refill Toy #01

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Skewer Refill Toy - All the toys shown in images above are all the same toys and each one is 6" long. SKEWER NOT INCLUDED! In the 3rd image, there are a total of four of the same toys on our medium length skewer in which the refill area is 7" long.  We also added a couple of beads in between each toy as spacers as it allowed the toys to hang better.  You can buy as many of these toys as needed or you can mix with other combinations of our other skewer refills when available.

On this particular toy it has on each side a mahogany pod, small vine stars, 1.5" natural pine wood, colored 2" pine wood, a brilliant bead on each one and a small wooden wheel at the end. Strung onto hemp cord. 

To add a toy to a skewer - in the center of the toy is a small loop, it might look as if it is not there but it is.  First unscrew the section where it comes apart, then just poke the tip of the skewer through the center and slide on. Add on as many as you want to fill the skewer.  It's that easy! 

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