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Bell Only Option
Bell Only Option

Bell Refill Toy

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Make your Own Bell Refill Toy

  • In the first image, the bell section can be sold as shown.  It is all stainless steel and has a clapper on a welded oring inside and a welded oring directly on the top, it measures 1-3/4" high x 1.5" bottom diameter, this would allow you to tie on a stringing material onto the top oring of the bell and use your own toy parts.

  • In 2nd image, you can purchase the bell with a 6" long 1.6mm chain attached & pear link at top of chain as this makes the toy refillable option to add your own toy making items onto the chain. If you choose to buy the chain option then you will need at least 1/4" diameter holes on your toy parts to put on the chain. This bell is most suitable for the small to medium bird sizes. Larger birds such as Macaws could possibly bend the bell area near the bottom.

The 3rd image shows as an example of random toy parts added to the chain.

Please choose if you want this toy with or without the chain/link before adding to the cart. The chain and quick link is an additional $3.00 more if you choose this option.

The bottom bell section measures 1-1/2" diameter and is 1-3/4" tall and the top section of bell measures 1" in diameter, the oring is 1/2" inside diameter.

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