Updated on May 8th - We are now announcing our 2 winners of our prize give-a-way from our 10th year celebration! Each of the two winners have each won a $50. gift certficate to our store and they have been notified by email! 
The order numbers that have won are:
BBT22979  & BBT22996
I'd like to thank everyone!
Please read below if you haven't already on how we got started in business back 10 years ago!
Please help us celebrate our 10th year in business!  While it may be our last year considering we are still trying to close out all of our inventory, we would like to celebrate a full 10 years doing our online bird toys/parts sales. 
A little history about us ...When we first started out in selling mostly toy parts we were quite small and slowly built up and at that time we ran our site under the Pionus Parrot's Website and set up html pages with PayPal as our shopping cart.  We also started out in a spare bedroom in our house, and gosh, it was like I ran out of room not long after. At that time our business name was "Pionus Parrot".  We then had built a commercial grade building and I moved all our inventory in there.  Check out our shop here
Later,  I moved my sales off of Pionus Parrot's Website and I chose a name in which is called "Blu's Bird Toys" then bought a domain with the name and purchased the new shopping cart which is this site you are presently on.  We have a Blue Headed Pionus that I basically named the site after her.
For our 10th year in business but I would like to do a little something.  To those who do place orders you will get 25% off your sub-total when you use coupon code BBT10th  and your order number will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of two prizes.   The sale will run from May 3rd through to May 5th. 
I'd like to thank everyone again for their continued business as so many of you have been repeat customers for quite sometime!  If you are new to Blu's Bird Toys then you are welcome to give us a try!
Jan & Blu