Happy New Year!  Only 10 days into the New Year and so far for me it is going fine!  We opened back up for business on the 6th from being closed for 3 weeks off during the Christmas holidays ... that too was nice!  We kept it very small and in fact my husband I agreed that we would not buy anything for each other. As it is, we tend to get things along the way here and there and we really could not think of anything off hand to get that was needed.

For here at Blu's Bird Toys, there is not much new here either. We are still dwindling downward on our inventory because we still are on our way out to go out of business.  We still have an ample amount of various items but we have sold out on many items as well!  I've been checking stock/inventory on what we still have to be sure it is accurate.  I don't think it is fair to customers to place an order only to find out that an item is not in stock but now and then it does happen.  Did you know I have some items that never made it on the site so if you see something new here that you had not seen on here before then that is due to me recently adding it on here.  I still need to take some time to do the task of taking photos and then adding items on the site ... all in due time!!  

I'd like to thank you for reading our blog and for visiting our site and if you are a customer or about to be then thanks for your business along the way!

Jan & Blu