About Us

Welcome to Blu's Bird Toys ...

We have been in business since 2002 and while we are relatively small, we strive for great safe toys for our customer's birds!
We're not new to making toys and we have made many over the years.  We have been talking about going out of business for a while now, which is partly true. We are currently still selling off all of our wooden toys, toy parts and hardware that we have sold over the years.

There is one direction we have taken on but is slow going at this time and I'm talking about our Stainless Steel Bird Toy line.  We came out with our "Sassy Ladle" toy in 2011 as one of our first stainless toys ... so as the site dwindles downward on other products, we will still be here dedicating ourselves and for our customers a small line of Stainless Steel Bird Toys. Many of our stainless toys are made when ordered, some might be made ahead of time.

 Let us know how you like our site and be sure to rate/review our products! If you should have any question, please contact us.

Jan & Blu

Thanks for shopping with us!