Small Size Bangarang
Small Size Bangarang

Bangarang (Small Size)

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Our small size stainless Bangarang Toy
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Bangarang [Bang-a-rang} - Our small size stainless toy is designed for the smaller sized parrots such as Conures, Caiques, Pionus or any other parrots of similar size.  All stainless steel construction with a splash of colored acrylic beads! The top square bar is 2" long and is 1/2" square and running through the square bar is chain and some stainless beads, washers with the acrylic bead and a 1" round tag that dangle at each side of the cup. The 1/4" cup itself measures 2.25" in diameter x 1" deep. In center below the square bar hanging on chain are two washers, nuts and a bead that attach to the handle of the 1/4 cup with an oring ... then another chain with another tube, washer, nuts and a 1.75" x 1/2" stainless tag and extra small beads on oring. All orings are welded closed. The two colored acrylic near bottom can vary in color.  The small Bangarang measures 11" x 3", Wt: 9 oz.

[There is a medium size version of this toy in the medium bird toy category.]

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