Bell Flower

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Bell Flower - a small stainless toy designed for the little birdies such as Parakeets, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Cockatiels and even Conure size birds! The bell housing is actually a mini funnel and inside it has a 5/8" diameter round tag with a couple of small stainless beads added onto a 12mm x 2.0mm welded oring which has 1.6mm stainless chain that runs up through to the top of the toy. The upper section has a welded oring over the mini funnel and then on top has a acrylic 5/8" bead sandwiched between two plastic flower beads. Also, has a 1-1/4" long stainless tube above.  This cute little toy only measures 5" from top to bottom and the bell housing measures only 1-1/2" across the bottom area!  Choose if you want a Quick Link or not before adding to cart.  

If you want a particular color of plastic beads, see image for color choices, then choose the color from the options above before adding to cart. Some colors or bead shapes may change depending on what we have on hand.

PLEASE NOTE:  About 24 of these toys in the different colors that were previously made and welded, the stainless ring bead you see pictured below and above the plastic flower beads did not get put on the toys (except blue color) and was not noticed (shame on us) until after the toys were welded.  We are giving a $1.25 discount off the retail price due to this error.

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