This page will outline some of our frequently asked questions ...
Who is Blu? Blu is the head honcho of this site, in other words, she is the CEO!  She makes all the final decisions of what we do here!  While Blu is merely a Blue Headed Pionus, she throws her weight around and what she says or does... we abide by her rules!!  All kidding aside, Blu is my Pionus and we have named the website after her, she is happy about that!
What are your hours of operation?  We generally are here Monday through Friday. Sometimes I work on weekends if we are back logged on getting orders out. 
What is the best way to contact Blu's Bird Toys? You can either email us or write us which you will find that info on our contact us page. 
What are the benefits of registering an account at Blu's Bird Toys?  A customer who registers an account with us gains more features such as viewing and tracking orders within your account, email notification when an orders ships, adding to a wish list, address book for your orders, any gift certificates that you may have can be viewed within your account and also a affiliate program which requires a separate registration but is seen within your same account. 
What online payment methods do you accept?  We accept PayPal, PayPal Credit, Pay with Amazon, GPay & Debit/Credit Cards.  We also offer a Layaway Payment Plan
What offline payment methods do you accept?  We do not accept any offline ordering!  No checks  or money orders are accepted.
Is there a minimum amount that I have to spend when ordering?  No, at this time, we do not require a minimum dollar amount to checkout UNLESS there is a coupon code that requires a minimum dollar amount. We currently do not charge a handling fee or charge for boxes and packing but we may later start charging a small fee for that.
What shipping methods do you use?  We ship via UPS and the U.S. Postal Service, Priority Mail and the customer has the option to select either one during the check out process.  You can calculate your shipping cost for which ever carrier you choose to use.

Do you you offer refunds?  Yes, we certainly do depending on situation.  We also refund in "Store Credits" this is where you would use any store credits accumulated towards a next order placed. We also do this for any overage paid on shipping.
Do you ship internationally?  Yes, we do!  We ship using the U.S. Postal Service, Priority Mail International method.  However, we may or may not have your country listed in the choices and if your country happens to not be listed, just drop us an email and we'll be happy to add your country in and then you can place an order.
How soon do you ship after my order is placed?  Sometimes we often ship out the same day as order is placed but depends on the amount of orders we have in front of yours and when your order is received, if late in the day it may not go out until the next day and can sometimes be up to 48 hours. We do not ship on weekends or holidays, occasionally we do ship on Saturday through the Postal Service as long as we can have it there by noon time.  Also, please note that any orders that have numerous stainless steel toys to be made can take up 3-5 business days before it ships, this may not always be the case and again depends on other pending orders in front of your order and also if some of the toys are premade already.
Can I return my products?  As a general rule for bird related items, they are non-returnable.  Why? This is due to control on parrot diseases and such.  Even if you had not opened up the plastic, we still do not accept it back.  Depending on what it is and what the problem is, we often will just either tell you to keep it and refund you or in some cases, send you something else in exchange.  This is a gray area in the bird industry and like many others who also practice this policy, we too abide to the same rule. It is for your parrot's safety and to other parrots out there.
Is Blu's Bird Toys a bird-free environment?  Yes! No birds are in or near our location.  Our hands are always washed well before handling any of our bird products that we sell. 
Can we come to see your store and purchase?  We are not a storefront business so it is rare that we get customers that want to come here to buy or even pick up an order and we are located in a rural area.  Should you need to come here to pick up your order then you would still need to order and pay online and we would need to make your toys and set up a time frame for you to arrive at our location to pick up your order in person.
If Blu's Bird Toys is out of stock on a certain item(s), how long will it take to restock an item?  Most of the time I put a limited quantity amount of our products on the site so should it appear to not be in stock, email me to inquire.  I can usually add more stock quantity for you to purchase as I most always have inventory to make the toy up. Should I really be out of parts on a particular toy then the product will state info pertaining to items are on order for that product/s.
Why do your images have a different name or url on the images?  Because we use to have our toy sales on another site until I separated the two and moved Blu's Bird Toys here where we are now!  Some of our images might say "Pionus Parrot" or "pionusparrot.com" or "Blu's Bird Toys" as well as SSBT so all these names and are our own copyright images!
Thank you!
Jan & Blu