UPDATED 2/26/18:   I have been having sales since the beginning of the New Year!  Our stock/inventory is getting less and less but still have this and that and the other!! We have very few toys left and no longer make any.  I do have many toys that were my sample models I used to go by when making toys for orders, these I may sell at some point.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me from the contact page.  


UPDATED 12/23/17:  I have been adding many of the toy parts back on the site, it is a time consuming effort, just wish I could wave a magic wand and poof, it would all be done!! I have created a category called "BULK" and much of the items listed are in larger quantity. In the other categories there have been numerous items listed and are sold in smaller quantities At this time, the Bulk category items show "out of stock" and I will update inventory later when it is near time to reopen.  I know there will be lots of miscellaneous items that won't be listed on the site by the time I reopen on January 2nd, so I will continue to add stuff to the site until most everything is pretty much listed. 

Also, because I know that I will have many items that are very few quantity or maybe only 1 so I will make up bags that will contain an array of various items in the bag, no two bags would have all the same items in it. Images will be taken so you know what all it contains.


UPDATED: We will temporarily close starting December 15th and we will close checkout so we can get all of our toy making items that are not on the site put onto it to sell. Once ready we will reopen the cart by January 2nd, 2018. Due to the nature of going out of business we will no longer be making any more toys come the first of the year so any that is shown on the site once opened back up will be toys already made. We will have other toy parts as well that we have not had on the site back onto the site. Many of our items will be bagged into larger quantities to sell off quicker. Many items we do not have huge stock quantities, so if you see it and want it, then get it because when its gone, it's gone!!

I will update you with more info a bit later on.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding us going out of business, please email us from our contact us form.


The majority of our bird toys I make up have been removed from the site. As of this time, I have one page worth here on the site. The remaining of made to order toys will all be removed by November 12, 2017 with the exception of the Jolly Balls and a few other toy types of those that we actually have made up in advance.   As various items sell out then that will be it for each discontinued toy or part item.

I will be placing so many of the parts that I used in toy making into the toy parts category a bit later on, some items will be sold in bulk and some in smaller quantities.  The Bird Toy Club page has been removed and existing recurring subscribers will be notified for cancellation.