Fill It Up - S/S Toy Base

Fill It Up - S/S Toy Base

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Fill It Up Stainless Toy Base - An interesting fillable toy base, all stainless steel components at the bottom of the toy base and some on the rod. Now, all you have to do is use your own toy parts, whether it be wood, plastic, natural shredder items ... the various items are in your hands!! All you do is start adding your items on top of the washer on the rod, there is 6.5" of fillable space.  I have shown a sample in the image of some items added onto the upper area on the rod of the toy base.

The stainless items on the rod section can be removed if you desire but it is mainly there so toy parts do not prevent your bird from being able to play with the bolt.  This toy measures 16" from top to bottom of keys and bolt is 2.5" wide. The top of the rod unscrews so you can add on items, then just screw back on snug and besure quick link is closed securely so your bird can not open it.

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