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Hang Out
Hang Out

Hang Out - Cage Mounted

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Hang Out - a cage mounted stainless toy is built on a 4" long bolt of 3/8" diameter that is mounted through a flat bar piece. The short bolt for the mounting to the cage is a 1-1/4" long 3/8" diameter bolt and a wing nut.  It has 3 strands of stainless items to play with that is on 2.0mm chain. This toy has one colored acrylic bead on the center strand, bead color can vary of either blue, green, purple, red, yellow.  All orings are welded closed.  Toy measures 10" high x 4".

Mount to cage bars with the upper bolt and the 2" fender washers, with one washer against the inside of cage bar and the other washer on the outside of cage bar and screw on wing nut snuggly. 

Give extra time to be made.

Good for medium to larger birds ... although this toy may need to be tested for the huge Macaw beaks.

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