Side View of Hanging Tough
Side View of Hanging Tough

Hang Tough - Medium Size

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A teaspoon bird toy of stainless steel, built to last!
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Hang Tough - Medium Size, this toy is built on a stainless steel teaspoon with 2" long x 3/8" diameter tubes, stainless beads, washers and a couple of colored acrylic beads strung onto stainless 1.6mm chain. The 2.5mm orings are welded. Hanging tough toy measures 8" from top to bottom. See tab for recommended bird size. See our image on the size comparison of the 3 Hang Tough Toys. Choose if you want the optional quick link or not to hang toy.
See the video above of the 3 size comparisons.
  • This toy is great for Conures, Caiques, Pionus, Hawk Head and same size as well as medium birds such as Amazons, Greys and other of similar size. If you feel this toy would be too large for a Conure size bird then see our Small Hang Tough toy that is much smaller.

NOTE: If you have a Grey, Amazon, large Cockatoo or large Macaw size bird and want a larger version, then please see this link ... the difference is the toy is built on a tablespoon, thicker 3.0mm oring, 2.0mm chain, larger 1/2" diameter tubes and an optional quick link.

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