Hanger Bolt Driver - 3/8-16

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A tool that drives hanger bolts into wood with a power drill.
Item Number: HB-D-3/8-16
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Hanger Bolt Driver - This is a great tool that is placed in a drill to insert a hanger bolt into predrilled wood, wooden perches or other projects. This size is for 3/8" diameter with a thread count of 16 threads per inch which is known as 3/8-16. You can also use this tool for 3/8" threaded rod. At this time, we do not carry hanger bolts for this tool.   You get (1 pc.) 3/8-16 driver per bag.
This item is not made of stainless steel. 
This tool makes inserting hanger bolts fast and effortless!! 
Instructions on using the Hanger Bolt Driver:
(See product image)  For the 3/8" Hanger Bolt Size: With a power drill, first drill a pilot hole using a 11/32 drill bit and drill about the length of the wood threads of the bolt, this is the end with the point on it. (a 11/32 bit is slightly under 3/8") Do not try to insert a hanger bolt into wood without predrilling the wood as it can crack the wood or go in crooked.  If you have several perches you are doing then predrill all the wood first then using the driver to screw in all the hanger bolts, this will make it a faster job.
Then screw the driver tool into the blunt end (machine thread) of the hanger bolt all the way.  Insert end of driver tool into drill chuck and slowly start the drill to be sure it goes in straight, screw the hanger bolt into wood until desired length of bolt is sticking out of the wood.  Switch the drill in reverse to remove tool from hanger bolt.
TIP: When I insert a hanger bolt into a perch I screw it in so the length that is sticking out of wood is not too much ... ideally, approximately one inch and no more than 1.5" is good to accommodate most perch/cage applications.  Should you screw it too far into the wood and need more threads exposed then you will need two hex nuts that will fit onto the hanger bolt and place the onto the machine threads about half way so the two nuts are back to back and put a wrench on the 2nd nut closest to perch to unscrew it outward so the exposed hanger bolt proper length for mounting to cage bars, then remove the hex nuts and add on the two S/S fender washers along with the wing nut.


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