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We offer a short term Lay Away ...

Are you short on funds and want to order?  Maybe we have a sale and you are short on money but want to capture our sale, if so, then our Lay Away Payment Plan is for you!!  Please read carefully first before considering on using the Lay Away.

To Initiate Your Lay Away AFTER you place order for your items - You must pay a Down Payment to initiate the hold of your lay away order AFTER you have checked out using the Lay Away Option. [The Free Shipping on lay away payments is so you are not charged when making payments.]

  • A Deposit Down will hold any order. See below these details on dollar amount to put down depending on the value of your order sub-total.
  • You have up to a maximum of Eight Weeks to pay for your order in full.
  • All Down Payments are non-refundable, so please be sure you want to use our Lay Away Option.

  • $1.00 to $49.99 your "Deposit Down" will be $5.00
  • $50.00 $99.99 your "Deposit Down" will be $10.00
  • $100 and over your "Deposit Down" will be $15.00

How to pay a Down Payment to initiate your order:
  • AFTER you have completed checkout for your initial order, come back to this page by logging into your account and then purchase the dollar value for your "Deposit Down" by adding it to your cart and pay for it through checkout. This will also produce a new order number when you check out. If you do not take this step of a "Down Payment" then we will be in need of contacting you as your order has not had been paid for with a down payment. If not initiated with a down payment we reserve the right to cancel your lay away order.

    To Make payments during the 8 week period:

    You can add various dollar amounts to the cart by check marking on each dollar & cent value you want to pay on for your payments throughout the 8 week period. You can adjust dollars/cents in the cart by adding or subtracting to the correct amount you need to pay.  You can make payments or pay in full at anytime.

After we have received your final payment then we will then ship out your order to you and you will receive an shipment notification!
If you have any questions at all, please email us to know more info on our Lay Away Payment Plan.

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