I will take time off from Blu's starting Friday October 21st
and return on Wednesday Nov. 2nd, 2011
If some of you have been on and off our site much in the past 3-4 months then you will know that I had closed up shop a couple of times already this year.  A true vacation for most people is probably going somewhere away from the normal daily grind.  Well, it is not quite like that for me.  This time around is like my other times away from Blu's, however, I still do work that needs to be done for the site.  I am not adventuring far due to having to take care of my birds and there is no one to provide care for them for me. 
A while back and almost 2 months ago, I was cleaning out a shed we have that just junk stuff is in it.  It turns out I sat most all the stuff outside.  Then I have not had time to go through all those things.  It has now rained on everything, twice!  So, I will do that with my week off from Blu's.
What does it mean for me to have time off from Blu's? It gives me a chance to do some things that I can not give my full attention to when filling orders most all day long!  It really just means I will not be receiving or fulfilling or shipping orders.  Also, while some time off from Blu's I will go through other items I have for Blu's that need to be added to the site.  I have a bunch of smaller woods that I had bought and then never had time to go through it all and take photos of it, so it just has been sitting there up on the top shelves in my shop.
So how much time will I take off from Sales?  Perhaps a week or so.