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Liquidation of the Toy Parts Category

Posted by on 4/4/2021 to Toy Parts
I've been working on selling off the toys parts as I will no longer stock toy parts to sell. I had been running a 75% off sale and I have a little of this and that. Some items might only be one bag of the item depending how it is packaged. I ran the sale until the end of March.  I will however, be opening the category again for one final week or two with a 80% off discount sale on those toy parts.  What does not sell after the sale is over, will no longer appear on the site, period!  I am selling the parts way below what I paid for them at cost.  So at the end of April check it out on the site to see what you might want!!

The site will be  pretty much like it is now, only Stainless Steel Bird Toys!  I've been working on this goal for quite a long while ... like at least the last couple of years or so.

We have our 19th Year Anniversary coming up at the beginning of May so watch for a few special things going on for that!!

Happy Spring Time! Take care!

Jan & Blu