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Posted by Jan on 10/3/2016 to Words from BBT

Hello Everyone!  Its been a while since I've posted on our blog,  The year is just flying by fast and now summer is over, why did it have to go by so quick?!  So now on to a few site updates for you to read.  First of all, you may have noticed our new look with the purple color, hope you like it!  

We are not offering our Lay Away Plan any longer.  However, you can checkout with PayPal Credit.  If you haven't already then you will have to sign up to use it and it is quick and easy to do. It's more less a bill me later or a line of credit sort of thing. You will need  PayPal account to use it. If you're short on money then this can be great to use especially when you run across our sales! Please check it out!

We are still selling out on our toy parts, we don't have too much selection left so check out the Toy Parts to see what you would want.  We have seriously been adding to our bird toy line and we have many new shredder items in vine and palm and other textures in our toys.  See our Halloween Bird Toys too, new for 2016 and don't forget our popular Christmas Toys that have currently came out of hiding in September, see them in the Seasonal Toys category. We also have a
 Bird Toy Club which is a subscription, please read on the details for it on the link.

Thanks for reading! Any questions?  Please email us or comment below!