Oring & Chain Image / Info.

I created this page to better help those who want to know about orings.  Many toy makers use unwelded orings in their toys just as I use them, the only difference is their orings are not welded, I weld my orings closed on all of our stainless steel toys.  I can tell you right now that there are only about two other toy makers besides myself who weld their oring closed. You will find many, many toys made with some or all stainless steel selling on the website of Amazon, eBay and other websites that are not welded closed.  What's the big deal about the orings being welded?  Orings that are not welded where the split or gap is poses a possible toenail caught or even the tip or bottom of the beak caught, this is purely a safety issue to the bird.  I know, there are other ways birds can get caught on something but welded orings surely makes the toy more safe plus it can not be taken apart. Some birds are known to be able to open an unwelded oring especially those huge Macaw beaks!! Some toy makers do not close the gap in the oring well enough and the smaller birds will also get a nail or beak caught in the small gap of the oring.

Below is some info regarding our orings and chains I use on our toys. I have 4 sizes of orings and they are not welded when I get them,  this allows the oring to be opened and add the chain or small item onto the ring then close it and finally when the toy is completed, the orings on the toy gets welded closed. Welding orings offers much more safety to the toy as mentioned above some birds can split the unwelded ring opened causing a gap in the ring. This poses a threat to a bird if not welded closed.  The oring is a vital part of our stainless toys as it connects from one stainless component to another one and so on.

I show below our unwelded oring in the 4 sizes going from smallest to largest and the size info on each ring.  Then also shown in 2nd image are the orings welded as normal then in 3rd image, I had placed 2 of our commonly used orings in a vice as they will smash under pressure kind of simulating the pressure of a beak of a larger bird. While the oring will eventually smash under great pressure, the weld does not break.  

Oring Sizing
The first mm number is the inside diameter of the oring and the second mm number in red is the metal thickness of the oring.

The first oring starting at left side of image above, I mostly use for smaller toys depending on what I put on the toy. The second oring I use on many of our toys, and it's suitable for both smaller and medium sized parrots, it might even be okay for larger birds if your bird is not a master of destroying! The third and fourth oring, is suitable for toys that are intended for large parrots.

In order to simulate a possible smash/bent oring that a large parrot might do, I clamped it the the vise then stated smashing it. Under the pressure the oring never broke at the welded area.  I tested it on the 16mm x 2.5mm oring and the 19mm x 3.4mm oring and had done it on a few of them to be sure and no welds had broke on any of the orings.  

The stainless chains pictured is an example of what I use on the toys, the smallest chain of 1.2mm is ideal for the smallest birds such as Lovebirds, Parakeets, Parrotlets, Cockatiels and alike size birds.  The 1.6mm is used for smaller and even up to medium birds.  The 2.0mm size will be good for smaller and medium birds and also good for some large birds who aren't destructive.  The 3.0mm chain is good for medium & large birds, however, many of my items I use do not fit onto the 3.0mm chain size so it is very limited to what I can put on the chain. The 4mm Chain is quite a bit heavier and in size, this chain would be super great for the largest Macaws and like the 3mm, I do not have much in the way of any parts that will fit onto the chain. None of my stainless beads will fit onto the 4mm chain. 

More Info:  I try to build my toys with all the appropriate items for the parrot size intended.  If a customer buys a small toy with the small orings or small chain on it for a large bird then that parrot may damage the orings/chain or items on toy.

Thank you for reading!