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Parrot Play Necklace #01

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Item Number:SBBT-PPN-01

Parrot Play Necklace #01 - This necklace is meant to be worn around your neck so your parrot can play with it while sitting on you. It is best to not give this toy alone to your bird due to possible entanglement with the length chain that it is when unsupervised. 

Our necklace measures 12" from back of neck down to bottom of toy when wearing it.  There are stainless steel shaped tags on 12mm x 2.0mm orings, the chain is 2.0mm with 7mm beads between each tag area, then on each side in upper area are 2 tubes with a heart bead and some beads on a 2" long chain dangling downward with a smaller heart.  Just slip the necklace over your head to wear it. The orings are too small for large Macaws on this necklace, orings are welded closed.

  • This necklace would be most suitable for parrots up to medium size.

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