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Parrot Play Tray
Parrot Play Tray

Parrot Play Tray

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Parrot Play Tray

- Uses: This tray can be used as a play tray, put items in the tray let the bird play! It can be used as a place to sit food bowl in the tray to eat main meals and/or snacks, treats.

- Size: The actual tray size surface is 12" long x 9 wide".  The overall height from top of quick link to very bottom of where toys dangle from outside of tray corners measures 18". The length and width with stainless items on it is 13" x 10". The tray inside depth is 1.5". The 4 chains are each 12" in length and each chain connects at each corner of the tray with an oring and all 4 chains are joined together onto one oring at center that makes the hanger. ALL ORINGS ARE WELDED!! At each corner hanging on the outer area of the tray is a 2.5" dangling chain with stainless items on it. The bird can sit and play with the dangling items as a toy! Hang tray inside the cage or from another source outside the cage.  
Comes with a wide jaw quick link for hanging.  Shipping weight is 3 pounds.

  • Suitable Birds: Small birds and no larger than Amazon/Grey sized birds.

We will do a future video.

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