Discontinuing a couple of items soon once we have depleted our stock:

  • Jolly Balls - We will not be reordering Jolly Balls any longer from the manufacture as they do not want to work with us on a few things I'd like to have them do.  As its been for a while now on the 14" ball size, I have to cut the five holes open as they will not do it any longer. Reality of the matter is they feel because there is not a high demand on Jolly Balls for the bird toy industry so it is not worth it for them and they do not want to mess with it.  I will be discontinuing all size of Jolly Balls once we all are sold out on them.

    Starting May 1st, 2017, the Jolly Balls that are remaining in stock will not be offered with the hardware and toys options so this means  you would be buying the ball only.

  • Grape Wood Items -  Any of our grape wood swings or gyms are being discontinued. Places I order the grapes wood from send me too much junkie unusable wood. Plus the shape of the overall branches are not great to work with.   For pieces I have remaining in stock,  I will be putting up one of a kind images of each one and will be sold as the branch only so they will not be sold as a "gym or swing". I might use some of the grape wood by cutting into 5" - 8"smaller pieces and making them into toys, so the grape wood would be like the toy base for the toy. 

Other than that, that would about sum it up for Product Updates!! 

Thank you!