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1 oz. package of Raffia
1 oz. package of Raffia


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Our Madagascar Raffia is in a 1 ounce package and has many uses. We use this in some of our bird toy making and I tie it in between the toy parts to add varied texture.  The birds love it and you can see it on our Jolly Ball Toys or on Blu's Fun Time Toy.  When using Raffia in bird related items, keep fairly short because while this item makes a great preening or shredding item it is also quite strong and could cause some entanglement if left too long. I normally do not let length be more than 2 inches or maybe 3 inches long. Raffia also makes a great way to string on small toy parts for the smaller bird toys.

Raffia is Natural and comes from the Island of Madagascar and is from Palm Trees.

1 oz. package as shown in our image is on sale for 0.60¢ each.

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