Thanks for checking out our Reward Points program, happy you are here! As a loyal customer, you can reap the rewards for you and your feathered kid(s) when you shop with us! We hope you will use your Reward Points as we want to help you save! So here are the details about our Rewards program.

We offer to our customers to earn Reward Points, You can view the Reward Points within your "My Account" area when you login.

  • When purchasing our products, you will receive Reward Points on your purchase. The points will be automatically added to your account after you have completed checked out. For every whole dollar you spend, you get 1 point, under .50┬ó it rounds down and over it rounds up to the next whole dollar. You get 50 points for each whole dollar you spend. We do not offer any of our products for redemption with the Reward Points, you can apply your points towards the rewards gift certificate to purchase items that way.

  • You can redeem your accumulated rewards points for a rewards gift certificate code to apply on an order for the dollar amount you redeem. You can redeem multiple dollar values with your reward points if you have a few to do so. To redeem your points for a rewards gift certificate, just go to the link at the top right of our site to "My Account" to login, then scroll down to the "My Reward Points" section and click on view details or redeem, on that page you will see a few various dollar values for the points that you can redeem if you have enough points. Choose the rewards gift certificate you want to redeem, fill in info for to and from and your email, then add it to the cart. Proceed through checkout. After you have completed checkout you will get an email for the order and one email for each set of redeemed points containing the certificate code. If you do not receive the certificate code(s) in an email(s), you will find the certificate code(s) in your account under the "Gift Certificates" ... click "View Details" and copy and then paste the code into the coupon code box and click apply on the view cart page or in checkout. Be sure to redeem your points first before your purchase so you can apply it to your product order. Redeeming Reward Points creates its own order number. Then when you purchase your products that will be another order number.

  • 50 pts. = $1.00
  • 250 pts. = $5.00
  • 500 pts. = $10.00
  • 1,000 pts. = $20.00
  • 1,500 pts. = $30.00
  • 2,500 pts. = $50.00

  • Parrot Reward Points hold no cash value nor is it transferable.
  • Reward Points & offers are subject to change at anytime.
  • Accumulated Reward Points will expire 3 years after earned if not used within the time frame.

If you have any difficulty in redeeming your points or have other questions about it, just send us an email and let us know!

Thank you for shopping with us at Blu's Bird Toys!