S/S Toy Info.

    The time frame to build/make your stainless steel toys can vary depending on how many are ahead of your order. We aim to produce nice looking toys and we take our time so we do not make costly mistakes. We hope your bird(s) will be pleased with what you receive and if any problems let us know and be sure to make a review on the toys you purchase!!

    Our stainless steel toys consist of bird safe components, some toys may have a few plastic beads on the toy to add a splash of color & interest. We use all sorts of stainless items & shapes. Some of our made toys might be "one of a kind" or maybe very few depending on supply of items, if this is the case it will be stated on the product page of the item. Often the toys can take a while to make up but then good news is, once they are made they should last a very long time if not forever!!

    As for our stainless steel orings to make them more bird safe, we weld them closed and they are welded with a specialized welder made just for us. Please keep in mind that our standard size oring we use is the 16mm (5/8" inside dia.) x 2.5mm (3/32" thickness), The strength of the welds we make on this size ring will hold up to any extra small bird and on up to large size birds such as Amazon, Greys with no problem whatsoever. As for Macaws & Cockatoos we have a heavier oring that is 19mm x 3.0mm to with stand those large powerful beaks!

    DISCLAIMER: For large parrots such as large Macaws or large Cockatoos, depending on their individual destructive capabilities, they can break the weld on our standard 2.5mm oring thickness.  The extra large Green Wing or Hyacinth Macaw could easily tweak/bend/break our thicker orings. If your bird has a fetish about bending or tweaking the orings on toys then our stainless toys may not be worthy for your extra large bird. We do not guarantee that our toys will withstand the Hyacinth or Green Wing Macaw beaks.

    Read on ...

    Our Blue & Gold Macaw, Kuka is not what I'd consider a destructive parrot at all even though she could be capable of such. She does not mess with the orings so therefore our standard size welded rings would last her a lifetime of safe play! Kuka also does not make a good toy tester to test durability of a toy considering that she just likes to play by "batting the toy around" rather than try to chew or tear it to pieces whether it is metal or wood!

    At this time, we do not do custom orders, if there is any customization on a particular toy we sell then it will be shown on a product with option choices available before adding to the cart. We also do not sell wholesale to anyone at this time so please do not ask. 

    To clean your stainless steel toys is easy! Wash by hand in warm or hot soapy water and rinse well then dry with a soft cloth. Toys can also be washed in a dishwasher, if toy has any plastic pieces on it then wash on top rack.

    Now, let's talk bird size in reference to toy size:

    Generally speaking it is thought that for instance, small bird means small toy or like large bird means large toy.  Some birds like toys built for their size and other birds like toys that are smaller or larger for their size.  Usually you will know what your bird likes best once you have come accustomed to likes and dislikes of items on a toy and also the toy size your bird prefers.

    In each of our bird groups shown below for our stainless steel bird toys we have categorized toys by bird size into 4 bird groups. Sometimes a toy can be good for two different birds sizes. This does not mean necessarily it will be best for your bird's size. If I am asked would my Cockatiel like this toy?  Honestly, I don't know because I do not know your bird and his play habits. Like in my mind, I have always considered an Amazon parrot to be a medium size bird however, the Amazon might like a toy that is smaller or even a larger toy, that choice is up to your bird!!

  • Extra Small BirdsThese toy sizes would be suitable for Lovebirds, Parrolets, Small Parakeets, Lineolated and alike.
  • Small Birds:  Our small toys would be suitable for Cockatiels, Conures, Senegals, Quakers, Lorys, Caiques... gee, there are too many small birds to list!!
  • Medium BirdsWe will consider a medium size bird to be along the size of Pionus, Hawk Headed, Small Cockatoos, Timneh Greys, Mini Macaws, Ringnecks, Amazons, Congo African Greys, Eclectus & and alike and some less destructive Macaws & Cockatoos.
  • Large Birds:  Toys in this group would be good for the big guys ... Large Macaws, large Cockatoos.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding our stainless steel bird toys, please contact us.