Quite some time ago I had ordered a whole bunch of stainless steel ladles in the 4 oz., 6 oz. & 8 oz. sizes but I had not at the time got them made up into our ladle toy. So now I've been working on that lately and the 3 ladle sizes now have the stainless steel oring gap welded so the beak or nails do not get caught. The Sassy Ladles are now ready for purchase!!

Our Sassy Ladle™ toy is an "exclusive" toy to Blu's Bird Toys. The toy serves as a small dish which is great for a little bit of food or treats while it serves as a toy that your bird can rattle it when playing with it. It is all stainless steel construction minus the little colored bead rings you see on it.

The Sassy Ladle™ is suitable for birds from small on up to medium bird sizes and some larger birds.