I have a LOT of various woods and some items that actually never made it on to the site. I'll be compiling many items together and will call them grab bags which are really just Bulk Bags! These can consist of many parts and all bulk grab bags may differ from one to another but will all be equal in value. I'll try to group some of these for small, medium or larger birds so that most parts in a grab bag will be about the proper size for your bird and the toys you make! Some of these wooden parts may or may not have holes drilled in them but most will have holes. These grab bags maybe sold by weight.
I've made a category for the grab bags and is called BULK Bags so that is where you will find them when items are ready! I am hoping to get most all the items sold that I am not going to be using on my jolly ball toys by 2012 New Year. Gosh, if only you knew, how much stuff I have in the shop, even though I have been selling a lot of items so it just goes to show me how much inventory I have still!!
Many of the toys I've had on the site, some have sold out while I have quite a few of others. I still have a few various ones in stock at this time. As they sell, those toys will be discontinued.
Any comments / feedback is always welcomed!
Have a great up coming Thanksgiving, it will be here quicker than you know!