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Posted by on 8/20/2018 to Words from BBT

If you are familiar with our site, then you will certainly notice the new changes. Our theme colors were previously purple and is now gray/black themed colors plus I created a new site logo, of course Blu is the star in it all!! So here is the scoop to what is going on here at BBT ...

We are still selling out all of our normal items we've been selling all along, items/stock is dwindling down and many items are low in stock. People wonder and even ask if we are going out of business.  My answer is:  Yes & NO. Yes, we are still selling out as far as what we've always sold so that has not changed. Is this site closing up permanently? No.  For sometime I've had in the back of my mind to make/build Stainless Steel toys. For several months I've been gathering items to make up our S/S toys plus getting a welder to weld our rings to make them bird safe.

So at this point Blu's Bird Toys is going in a new direction of selling only stainless steel toys while other stock sells out such as our woods, plastic and misc. hardware.  So I guess you could say, we are not shutting the site down!