I've been making a few changes here on the site.  The differences are the category menu links on the left hand side have less than before.  I condensed two of our categories being Wooden Bird Toys and Misc. Items into one category now named "Other Bird Toys".  Then for the Stainless Steel Bird Toys, I have now made sub categories for small, medium and large for the bird sizes for the toys. 

Eventually and hopefully sooner than later we be solely stainless steel toys only.  It's still a slow going process in selling  out our toy parts category section as well as the other bird toys category.  Time will tell!

I have created numerous new stainless toys and have placed them in their rightful categories so now if you have a medium bird and want a toy that is most suitable for that bird size then you can find the toys easier that a medium bird might want! However, as we know some birds like a toy that is either smaller or large than what might be intended for that bird size.  Also, you might find the same toy in two different categories.

This is one of our newer stainless foot toys, you can find it in the small and medium bird size categories.
This toy is call "Aw Nuts".