The "Happy Easter" drawing was held on April 15th, 2012
We have the 2 winning numbers of this drawing, this was from orders received from March 23rd to April 3rd so if you ordered during that time then you were entered, please refer to the small card in your order during that time.
The winning numbers  are:
Congrats and you have won what we have pictured below and we have notified the winners of their winnings!!
Spring is in the air and it is a great time for new growth, trees leafing out, flowers starting to bloom and what's more, Blu's Bird Toys is Almost 10 years old come May 3rd ... now that in itself is another celebration to come!!
For now, we would like to wish you Happy Easter and it is just around the corner on April 8th.  When we receive orders from March 23rd to April 3rd, we are adding a card attached to your order with a special number on it.  This you will want to keep as you could be one of our 2 lucky winners to nice prizes!!  So save that number until April 15th when our drawing takes place.  Winners will be notified by email plus it will be announced here on our blog above this post is where we will announce the winning numbers!!
Pictured below are the prizes we are giving away to each of the 2 winners.  Winners can actually choose the size of the Swing they would like to best accomodate their bird size, so you can choose one of our 3 sizes we have, however each of these swings are different from each other.  The Sassy Ladle we will let the winner choose one size out of our 4 sizes as well to be best suited for your bird size.  We have two sizes of the Stainless Steel Skewers that you can choose from and each winner are allowed 2 skewers, choose 2 of the same size or 1 each of the two sizes.  We also have Blu's Shredder Palm Bag which is a great item to shread!!  On top of these items we are giving each winner a $25.00 Coupon Code that can be used on a near future order, so this means the winners can get $25. worth of items free if they do not go over the amount and if the winner does exceed the $25 then you would pay the difference and we also give you free shipping!  You would just check out through our shopping cart using the coupon code you are issued if you win all this!

To everyone, thanks for reading and good luck to those who have ordered and stay tuned on this page come April 15th.
Jan & Blu