Stainless Super Saver Club

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Stainless Super Saver Club @ Blu's Bird Toys
Item Number: SSBT-SSSC
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Our "Stainless Super Saver Club" just might be for you if are you thinking of purchasing our various stainless toys periodically.  This will likely pay for itself the first time or two you order depending what you purchase. It is $30.00 per year. This discount does not apply to any other categories on our site.

How it works:

  • A customer can automatically save 15% to 20% on the stainless steel toy category when the Super Saver has been purchased for a one time fee per year of $30. This fee is not refundable.  After you have purchased the Stainless Super Saver, we will manually add you into our discount pricing level for you to use for up to 1 year. You will get an email letting you know that your account has been set to the Stainless Super Saver Club then when you login will see the new price of each stainless toy that is discounted.  When the 1 year timeframe passes, you will need to purchase the Stainless Super Saver again if you want the 15%-20% discount to continue year after year. We will email you when the year is up if you want to renew it or not.

  • The Free Shipping USPS Logo you see up by the price is so you are not charged shipping as this particular purchase is not a physical product to ship.

  • The Stainless Super Saver Club is valid only on our Stainless Steel Toy category.

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