Stainless Super Saver


Our "Stainless Super Saver" subscription just might be for you if are you thinking of purchasing our various stainless steel bird toys periodically throughout the year. This will likely pay for itself the first time or two you order depending what toys you purchase and how many. To join the Stainless Super Saver, it will be $30.00 per year. This subscription will give you access to the 15% discount pricing level. This discount does not apply to any other categories on our site.

How it works:

  • Customers can automatically save 15% on the stainless steel toy category after the Stainless Super Saver subscription has been paid for one year of $30. This subscription fee is not refundable. After you have paid for the $30. Stainless Super Saver subscription and we get notice, we will manually add you into our discount pricing level to get the 15% discount for up to one year. You will get an email letting you know that your account has been set to the Stainless Super Saver then when you login on our site you will see the new price of each stainless toy that is has the 15% discount. You can purchase as many times throughout the year as you'd like. When the 1 year subscription ends, it will recur for one more year unless you cancel it. Subscriptions are paid through PayPal, please use the subscribe button below to start.

  • The Stainless Super Saver is valid only on our Stainless Steel Toy category.
Subscribe Now to start your first year to great savings all year long!! 

If you do not have an account here on out site, you will need to register one so you can be placed into the 15% discount price level. This can be done before or after you subscribe so we can setup your discount pricing level.

Yearly Subscription

If you wish to unsubscribe just let us know.