What's New category .... This category was originally set up for new items we added to the site as we got in new items.  I do want to mention while we are setting our goal for going out of business as planned, this hopefully is not confusing to our customers.   Due to many items I onced removed from the site to have items on hand for the jolly ball toy making and other toy making I was doing, these are many of the items that I am now adding back onto the site to sell as part of our inventory.  Some items that were bought never even made it onto the site to sell.
I have so many odds and ends of compiled toy parts that have been mixed and that would be way too time consuming to separate and sell as individual items so I will soon be listing some of this as a variety bags of this and that.  That would give a variety and no two bags will be packed with the same parts/pieces and will most likely be sold by weight.
So for now, that is What's New!!!
Thank you!
Jan & Blu