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Jolly Ball Tri-Chain - Stainless Steel
Jolly Ball Tri-Chain - Stainless Steel

Tri Chain S/S

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Tri- Chain Jolly Ball Hardware or for other application, this can even be used to string on your own toy parts. Size is good for small and medium birds.

For those who need to add hardware to an existing owned jolly ball. 1.6mm stainless steel chain, consists of 3 pieces of chain, 1 stainless steel 16mm oring, 1 small swivel, 4 stainless steel pear quick links, 2 stainless beads between chains and overall total length is 9" for the 6" ball size.  The other Tri-Chain has 7" chains and measure a total over all length of 11" and is good for Jolly Balls over 6" diameters. Completely ready to use as shown in our image!  Choose length of Tri-Chain in options above before adding to cart. Please note:  This chain does not include the jolly ball and we no longer sell Jolly Balls.

You can use our PDF to print out a template for the 3 holes you will need to drill on top of your jolly ball to hang our Tri-Chain.

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