The 3 Drawings have taken place on Monday the day after the sale ended and winners are listed below under each area ... each winner will also be notified by email.
Each Winner is listed with their order number and their first name and what they won!

-- 3 LUCKY CUSTOMERS will have a chance to win, you will be refunded the shipping cost. So whatever you had paid for your shipping at time of ordering, you will get the shipping paid back to you if you have been one of the 3 winners!
Order # 23112 - Steven B. will be refunded $14.61
Order # 23121 - Kerry F. will be refunded $12.03
Order # 23113 - Janet H. will be refunded  $15.51

-- 2 LUCKY CUSTOMERS will have a chance to win a $10.00 coupon code good towards a future order at:
Blu's Bird Toys.
Order # 23111 - Ann Marie O. - will receive a $10.00 Coupon Code.
Order # 23117 - Delta H. - Will receive a $10.00 Coupon Code.

-- 1 LUCKY CUSTOMER will get their sub-total refunded back to them if chosen in the drawing!! This does not include the shipping cost.
Order # 23116 - Peter V. - will be refunded their Sub-Total amount of their order which will be $25.31

I'd like to thank everyone who ordered during our sale!  Congrats to those who won in our drawing!
Jan & Blu