I am over 5 days late on this!!

So the winning order numbers from out sale that was from April 4th to April 15th:




Each winner wins a $50 coupon code with free shipping. I will email the winners the coupon code and it good for a one time use to each winner. You have until the end of 2012 to use it. The Jolly Balls and The Sassy Ladles are excluded. If you go over the $50 then you pay the difference. If you do not go over the $50 then everything should be free. If you have trouble using the coupon code then let me know.

I was going to give out merchandise of my choice instead but not knowing exactly what the winner's bird sizes would be, I just thought it would be better that they can shop for what they want exactly.

I also have one other little thing to give out, this will be announce a little later!
Our big sale has now ended but we are still processing many of those orders!  Inside your order attached to your receipt you will see a "special" card stapled to your order to have a chance to win something from our store so be sure to save this card as it will have your order number on it with a few details.  On the card we stated that the drawing will be held on April 21st, so you could be a winner even before receiving your order!  If that is the case then of course you will be notified by email.  Your entry is your order number.  So please hold on to the card you got along with your order or be sure you know your order number!!
We're still not going to mention what the winners will get at this time, but there are going to be 3 winners!! We'll also note it on this page of  who WON!  Good Luck to all !
Thanks once again!
Jan & Blu