Sassy Ladle™

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The Sassy Ladle™ is made of Stainless Steel and comes in 3 sizes, makes for a great toy and treat cup!
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This toy is made entirely of stainless steel, the orings are WELDED closed.

Sassy Ladle™
This is an Exclusive bird toy of Blu's Bird Toys and is made of Stainless Steel and is great for holding treats or a small amount of food while it serves as a toy! This toy is a "forever toy"! There are 6 smaller spoons with other stainless shapes in front of the spoons that dangle from each welded 16mm stainless steel oring on the ladle handle. Choose if you want an optional stainless steel quick link to hang toy.
You can mount from above or at side up against cage bars or hang near a perch. This size would be great for the small size birds and on up towards medium birds. Please wash before first use with warm soapy water, dry with soft cloth.

Size differences are in the cup area of the ladle, which is 4 oz,. 6 oz. & 8 oz. The handle area are all the same size. 

The Sassy Ladle™ 4 oz. ladle area is 3.5" across x 1" deep and is 16" long/high overall.  $27.95 each.

The Sassy Ladle™  6 oz. ladle area is 3.75" across x 1" deep and is 16" long/high overall.  $28.95 each.

The Sassy Ladle   8 oz. ladle area is 4" across x 1-3/8" deep and is 16" long/high overall.  $29.95 each.

  • Great from small to medium birds.

PLEASE NOTE: These ladle toys have the 2.5mm thickness (3/32") welded orings on them, These orings are not meant for Larger birds such as large Macaws or Cockatoos.

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