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Stainless Steel Quick Links

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Quick Links as shown from left to right in image

The Pear Quick Link is suitable for small and medium size toys, the opening is 3/16" so it will not open enough for larger cage bars.  This pear link is not really suitable for large Macaws/Cockatoos.

The 1/8" Wide Jaw Quick Link is suitable for medium and some large birds, it has a 3/8" opening so it would fit onto any cage bar. This link may or may not hold up to large Macaw beaks.  Some Macaws can destroy this particular link.

The 3/16" Quick Link has an opening of 1/4" and is suitable for large birds of Macaws and large Cockatoos, it would be an overkill in size for any bird smaller than mentioned.

The 1/4" Quick Link opens to 5/16" and will fit onto any cage bar thickness.  This quick link is an extreme overkill in size for any bird smaller than a large Macaw or large Cockatoo. If you have a large bird and he/she destroys this link, I WANT to know!!

Safety Issue  Notice - Quick Links must be tightened with pliers so your bird can not open it.  An opened quick link post a threat for your bird getting their beak, foot or a leg band caught in an opening of the link. The hollow part of the bottom beak near the throat is most vulnerable to getting caught in the opening of an opened quick link. Please use them properly.

Please note the overall size of each link on the image. All links are Stainless Steel. We do not sell these separately.